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Hiring Shows in Mexico

ARTV is responsible for hiring the best musical, artistic and sport shows for your public and private events. The following is a list of different shows and events we have hired and supervised for our clients:

Alberto Cortéz con la Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional
Ballet Español Antología, Zarzuela
Ballet Español de Antología
Ballet Nacional de Cuba de Alicia Alonso
Ballet Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires
Ballet Tropicana de La Habana
Festival on Ice
Lo Cortéz no quita lo Cabral
Lucha libre AAA
K.I.T.T, el Auto Increíble
Show de Rayos Láser
Fuentes Cibernéticas
Holiday On Ice
Show de Rayos Láser
Fuentes Danzarinas
Paradise On Ice
Moscow On Ice